Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) is the basis of our training programs.  Why?  All practitioners and  programs are trying to achieve maximal performance, but if MAT is not utilized first, you are not working with an ideally functioning neuromuscular system.  Stress, trauma, and overuse slowly diminish the capability of your neuromuscular function by degrading how well slow twitch muscle fibers stabilize joints.  When slow twitch fibers are not working unconsciously at their peak, we must now rely on muscle fibers whose primary function is motion and force production to stabilize joints. This lack of slow twitch muscle fiber function is the cause of inflammation at a joint and cellular level and accounts for major strength losses in human movement. When we begin to stabilize the system by creating optimal neuromuscular function, strength and mobility are restored. Whether you are an elite athlete looking to put on maximal performance gains, seeking that extra 15 yards from your driver, or a person in any type of orthopedic pain, MAT will give you the performance edge.

Our team of MAT practitioners is led by Aaron Lakanen, a senior instructor for MAT Programming.  He is on the board for their degree program and has taught workshop all over North America to thousands of students.  He leads our group of trainers and constantly refines their skills to get you the results you want!

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What Is MAT?

Listen to Dr. Norman Marcus of the Norman Marcus Pain Institute talk about how MAT works and its ability to improve muscular function and its relationship to pain.

Greg Roskopf talking about stability through motion and how MAT creates this stability.

MAT Practitioner Spotlight Series: Aaron Lakanen