We get asked a myriad of questions, many specific to MAT.  Here are a few of them with answers that can help you figure out if an assessment is a good starting point for you:

I’ve got this thing I was diagnosed with…can MAT help?

At NRG Fitness and Performance, we are muscle people.  We focus on the intricacies of human movement and performance and how the muscular system plays the most significant role of joint stabilization and function. Daily we are helping improve the function of people that have been diagnosed with all kinds of neuromuscular, orthopedic, and autoimmune issues.  WE DO NOT TREAT THESE ISSUES.  Our practice is specific to improving the function of the neuromuscular system and the physiological systems that create human performance.  Many times the byproduct of muscular dysfunction are the issues mentioned above.  By improving the performance of the muscular system, we often see symptoms in other areas go away.

How long will an MAT treatment last?

It’s not about a single session making the greatest impact.  If you wanted to start eating healthily, and you had one fantastic meal, would you think your time of better eating was done?  NO!  We look at the managing the muscular system and its function as a lifelong process; its called appropriate exercise.  MAT happens to be the starting point towards improving muscular system function.  If you don’t build endurance, strength, power, and appropriate size for muscular system, you will lack performance. Our job is to meet each individual where they are and set a plan and process to improve their performance.

What do you do in a MAT session?

Great question!  We start on a table and look at isolated motions to see where the central nervous system is protecting motion.  Where you have limits in range of motion, one or more of the muscles that are pulling you into a position are limited in strength.  The limit in range of motion tells us where we need to improve function. At that point, we test muscles isolated ability to produce force.  If the force they produce is limited, we use one of a couple methods to improve the contractile function.

What is performance training?

We treat EVERY person that comes in as a special athlete.  Our job is to meet them where they are with respect to function and apply the best tools we have to improve their performance.  It means many things to different people.  If you use your body for a living, we get you the extra 1% that others can’t so you are prepared to do your business on the field of play.  If you are trying to live life to its fullest to keep up with kids or grandkids, we take the same care and apply it to your programs and processes. Every person needs the correct dosage of exercise and recovery.  Finding the balance between the two creates the ideal situation for performance gains.

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